Chair Exercises and Praise Aerobics

In addition to walking programs, Physical-e-Fit used chair exercises and praise aerobics to encourage members to become more active.

Chair Exercises

Chair exercises

Chair exercise are exercises or workouts done while seated in a chair, or sometimes standing next to the chair for stability. Chair exercises are suitable for a wide range of adults and are especially useful for older adults or those who are at risk for falling or for those who are limited in their mobility. The solid base of support in chair exercises provides additional support and stability and causes less strain on the joints.

Chair exercises are also suitable for beginning exercisers who want to start low with aerobic or strength building exercises. Other groups who could improve their quality of life with chair exercise are the partially mobile, people in wheelchairs, and other with a limited mobility.  Chair exercises are a great way to reap the benefit s of physical activity while minimizing risk.

Materials is this section will assist you with designing a chair exercise routine that works all major muscle groups and that can incorporate resistance training.

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Chair Exercise Design
Examples of Chair Exercise

Praise Aerobics

Praise aerobics involve moderate- to high- intensity activity while giving your body, mind and spirit a work out. Movements may be done to gospel or other spiritually-based music and may also incorporate encouraging words from the Bible as motivation. Taken together, praise aerobics is a combination of exercise, devotion, and positive affirmation. Class participants may either follow a video or a trained instructor. A typical class lasts approximately one hour. This includes 10 minutes of warm-up, 35-40 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, and 10-15 minutes of light strength exercise and cool down.

Praise aerobics can be healthy and fun, and being more active is very safe for most people. However, some people should check with their doctor before they start becoming much more physically active. If you are planning to engage in moderate to high intensity activities such as praise aerobics, start by completing this Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q). While engaging in any moderate to high intensity activity, it’s also important to know how to rate your perceived exertion.  This feeling should reflect how the exercise feels to you. CLICK HERE for an example of the rating scale used in Physical-e-Fit.

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